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Published: April 01, 2013
Description: Not about the television show I heard about on NPR, but about my own visions regarding when the dead will rise. Warning - spoilers!!!




If you’re like me, you love the walking dead. There’s even a show about them! However, these spoilers are related to my own visions regarding the time when the dead will rise from their eternal slumber and decimate us all. If you were looking for spoilers about the television show, I’m very sorry - I don’t even own a TV, but I have heard about this show on NPR.

  • Walking dead will rise from their eternal slumber in fall of 2028.
  • Walking dead will have soulless eyes and smell of rotting flesh.
  • There will be no escape from these evil creatures.
  • All of us will perish.
  • There is no afterlife.

Hope you enjoyed these spoilers!