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September 23, 2015

This week's best internet things include a trippy trip through Springfield, a winded Pope, and a radio DJ who's just a goddamn delight.

Here’s our weekly rundown of what’s hot and what’s not on the internet, minus the what’s not part.

When you try to say “D'oh” but it comes out like “D04GHH'oooEH”

Directed and animated by French artist Yoann Hervo, this psychodelic trip through the Simpsons opening sequence might just end up as an actual Simpsons opening. Stranger things have happened.

When you really really really really really really sorry

It’s happened to all of us. Let’s just try and move forward.

When you just angry you didn’t come up with this idea first

A new book alleges that British Prime Minister David Cameron had sex with a dead pig and if that’s a crime he should be exonerated because it led to this video and so all is forgiven.

When you post a personal best 40 time but still get outrun by that guy from Anchorman

After the Stanford-USC football game on Saturday, our coworker Will Ferrell took to the sidelines to race one lucky fan. He shows incredible speed for a man his age, so don’t be surprised if Ferrell Takes The FootballField airs on HBO sometime next year.

Ever lose to Will Ferrell in a 40 yard dash? #bestlossever #fighton #idid

A video posted by Derek Masi (@doofmasi) on

h/t Deadspin

When it’s seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind

Just because a candle isn’t a trick candle, don’t mean it can’t still be tricky.

When you ready to take a break, but you not allowed to go until the chorus lyrics start

Broadway Bill Lee is a DJ at WCBS in New York and let’s just say he’s very good at his job. Each day on twitter he posts his “Break of the Day"wherein he rushes to get out a ton of information before the next song starts. And while we can’t promise you’ll find these funny, we guarantee you’ll find them goddamn delightful.

h/t Jake Fogelnest

When you the Pope and you get put in your place by the man upstairs

This amazing gallery on The Atlantic shows Pope Francis, aka Mr. Cool, getting totally pwn’d by Mother Nature’s breath. Seriously, go there and look them all now.

Of course, congratulations to The Wind for winning this week’s Comedian of the Week Award.

When you heard of Tree Goats before but you still can’t believe they real


via h/t Buzzfeed

When you’re mind’s telling you “No,” but you’re body, you’re body’s telling you “Yes”

I don’t see nothing wrong with this.