It was recently revealed that Anthony Weiner had been sending MORE dick pics to women online since resigning from congress in 2011. Perhaps the biggest revelation though is that Weiner used the alias "Carlos Danger" for his online sex chats. As is usually the case with Weiner, Carlos Danger is just the tip of the ice-penis. Here are some of Weiner's other online aliases:
When he uses it: When he wants to protect the good name of Carlos Danger 
Who he sends messages to: Barely-legal babes who are turned on by fiery rants on campaign finance reform
When he uses it:  While holding press conferences to apologize for previous sex scandals
Who he sends messages to: That sexy reporter from the Washington Post asking “are you going to do the right thing and withdraw your candidacy for mayor?” all flirty like that
When he uses it: He told us but we're pretty sure he was lying  
Who he sends messages to: Again, that's the problem with Guillermo…he lies
When he uses it: While drunk 
Who he sends messages to: Editors of gossip websites, political opponents and his wife, Huma, in hopes of doing some fantasy role-playing scenarios (they go right to her spam folder at this point)
When he uses it: When it starts to look like he may actually be able to salvage his career and his marriage and suddenly gets a big ol’ hard-on for more problems  
Who he sends messages to: Hillary Clinton, mostly
When he uses it: For inter-office sex chats at campaign headquarters
Who he sends messages to: Sexy young interns and the IT guy when Outlook is being weird