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Published: February 25, 2009
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Since I've lost my job (Thanks economy) I've re-entered the realm of stand-up comedy. I've already caused a stir (In my own special way) and The open mic I've been performing at has had a lovely black beauty who is writing an article for gigglechick about us. She's been there twice already.

I asked her to give her opinion of us as comedians and since we were in an intimate setting at the time, She gave it to us.

 As she was packing up her things, I then approached and asked her a question

"What if you don't want to become famous for doing comedy?"

She looked a little confused.

She then asked me

"Then Why do you do it?"

Love, baby.

I'll be putting up some old stand up here as soon as I can as well as some new projects I've been working on.

Maybe even some old classics from my high school days.

For right now though, I'll be at McGuires Comedy Club on LI on March 6th.

There's a contest there.

The Funniest Man on LI Contest.

I aim to take the hardcore title.

Patton Oswalt Lazers Mediocrity.
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