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April 01, 2008


first off, i'd like to apologize to everyone who is expecting me to watch their videos today. there is a man playing what i think is called a "kiba" right outside my door (long skinny instrument with a fat, round end, like if you tried to make a guitar out of the most giant gourd ever). and i do mean 'right outside'. it's so fucking loud i can't hear anything. not the computer, not my customers, and certainly not the terrified little mexican who brought me my pancakes today. on the plus side, every customer with a question (okay, so the ONE customer with a question) has just given up and walked out. it was seriously like something out of a cliche comedy sketch. guy walks in while it's quiet. i ask if he needs help. he says no and walks into my humidor. about 30 seconds later he pokes his head out and begins to ask me something, but the kiba player starts playing and all other sound is obliterated. the man waits to see if the song will lull or just stop. after about 2 minutes the song stops. the man looks out the door at the musician and then begins to ask his question. with timing to perfect to adequately describe the kiba player begins his next song with a flourish of crazy sounding runs. i cannot hold back a laugh, my customer is not amused. so the fact that he sticks around to try again makes it all even funnier. this time the musician stops because one of his strings has broken so his playing is in fits and starts. this infuriates the man trying to question me and my sense of humor about the whole situation is not helping his demeanor. he told me to grow up as he stormed out. i said, "no thanks".

anyway, back to this "kiba" player. it's a drone instrument so as long as it's being played it's making a lot of sound. and every song is like a ten minute loop of the exact same thing with a different opening riff. the sound of the instrument, though at first it seems unique and beautiful, over the course of two solid hours has become both piercing and grating. oh, and the music he's playing is hindi so it's not like i can sing a long. at least he can actually play well. that's something. the most amazing thing about this "kiba" is that it sounds like the music is coming from a record player. underneath the dense, sonic assault it's delicately scratchy like a needle  scraping vinyl.

moving on...did anybody see republican senator from nebraska chuck hagle on the daily show last night? fucking incredible. i never thought a republican from nebraska could possibly bring me new hope, but his honestly was more than just refreshing, it was invigorating. he needs to be on shows like 'meet the press' so that other non-insane republicans (and there are pleanty of those, despite reports to the contrary) can see that they are not alone.

*philosophizy moment*

the path to reason is through...well...reason. if we just take a moment to think about stuff, everything we did would turn out better. it seems like common sense, but we're all so wrapped up in instant gratification that there is no moment of reflection, no pause to think. just reactionary resposes that at best only get us about halfway to were we want to be and at worst, well, my best friend is halfway around the world trying not to kill innocent people out of fear, so i think we are all well aware of what the worst this kind of reactionary decision making can bring about. now don't get me wrong i'm all for flying be the seat of my pants. i really enjoy living life on the fly and making it up as i go. but really a moment of relection is totally relative. i see a situation, say, the edge of a ravine overlooking the ocean. right away i just wanna jump off that ledge. i wanna fly out into the water. but i see that i'd have to make a HUGE jump to make it past the rocks jutting out from the ocean surface and hitting the water from this high up could render me unconscious and then drowned. so instead of jumping i just look out to the horizon and kick some dirt over the edge into the water. making that decision over the initial reaction to jump took me all of 3 seconds, and that was a really long time because i REALLY REALLY want to jump into the ocean. of course, this senario ends with my brothers pointing out some rediculously hot girl in a string bikini watching me, so i end up jumping off the ravine anyway, nearly killing myself in the process (after diving into the water, always make sure you're KNOW which way is UP). ummm. that may have been a bad example, but my point remains valid. sometimes we just have to stop and think, just for a second, about whatever our initial reaction is to any adverse or challenging situation/decision. my guess is that most people know themselves well enough that the first reaction would probably be their best course of action, but it only takes a second to say to yourself, "really, is this what i want and what's best for me?" or whatever question you ask yourself in those times. we'll all be thanking ourselves...or rather, our grandchildren's children will thank us in the future. i guess that's really what it comes down to. we want to be able to thank ourselves for saving the planet, ending terrorism, poverty and hunger, but the truth is...WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE DEAD BEFORE ANY OF THAT HAPPENS. stop being so chronologically selfish. haven't we taken credit for enough? more than we deserve? this damn kiba player keeps setting fire to the track for my train of thought, i'm gonna go do a snake dance in front of him and see if anyone even notices me. more later.