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January 27, 2015

...6 examples of why the selfie stick is never a good idea...

The Selfie Stick: Just Say No

…6 examples of why the selfie stick is never a good idea…


Just when you were starting to get used to this new generation of selfie-takers, along comes ‘The Selfie Stick’; an extendable pole with a mount at the end to hold your camera/cellphone. The person taking the photo then awkwardly holds the stick outstretched to take a selfie of them and their cool friends having fun. They then post these pictures to their social media to show all their other friends not fortunate enough to be apart of the festivities how much fun their missing out on. This new trend is a recipe for cringe-worthy photos revealing the true narcissistic urges of this new generation addicted to self-promotion. Let’s take a moment to truly breakdown why this is insanely douchey.


Unless this is what you’re doing when you implement the selfie stick…there should be no reason you’re using a giant pole to take a picture of yourself.

zzzz selfie stick 2.JPG

Whoever will be viewing this picture already doesn’t care that you and Katie are hanging out. Don’t bring a 4 foot pole into the picture. Just don’t.

zzzzz Selfie stick.JPG

The picture is even more douchey if everyone in the picture is just as excited as you are to be using it.

zzzzz diddy.jpg

Especially you Puffy, or Diddy, or whatever your name is now. You have an 18 million dollar yacht, you can afford to have someone on board to take a picture of you and your friend.


Then we have this guy, ‘the lonesome selfie sticker’…his selfie stick is extended shorter than the length that his own arm could extend to take the same picture. Just say no buddy…just say no.

zzzz selfie stick plant girl.JPG

Unless that’s a massive weed plant behind you….no one cares.

zzzzzzzzzz grils.JPG

Ladies…there’s a dude literally 20 feet behind you who I’m sure would be more than willing to take a picture of you all living your super fun lives. Leave the weird pole at home.

Here you’ve seen 6 examples of why purchasing, owning, and using a ‘selfie stick’ is the douchiest new trend that our generation has come up with. JUST SAY NO!