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March 16, 2015

Kanye West took to social media to tweet a series of nude photos of his wife Kim Kardashian. Below we interpret his intentions.

Kanye West took to his Twitter account to post a series of nude photos of his wife Kim Kardashian. The photos are apparently cell phone pics Kanye took of photos from a nude photo shoot to promote the season premier of Kim’s reality TV show. Below we interpret the remarks Kanye included with the naked photo spree.

Kanye begins his series of Tweets with the remark, “I’M SO LUCKY.” This utterance juxtaposed next to a nude photo of a woman could normally just indicate that the utterer feels him or herself lucky to see a photo of the beautiful woman form. However, since Kanye West most likely assumes that his 11 million Twitter followers will know that the nude photo is that of his wife Kim Kardashian, the luckiness herein referred to is meant to indicate that as her husband he is lucky to have husbandly access and/or privilege to this particular beautiful woman form (Kim Kardashian) pictured.

Here Kanye remarks, “CONGRATS BABY ON 30 MILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS."Ah, interesting. Are we here to reinterpret the previous "I’M SO LUCKY” comment? Perhaps are we to now infer that Kanye feels he is so lucky because his wife, Kim Kardashian, has 30 million Twitter followers? It is possible, but seems more likely that the luck continues to refer to the nude wife photo, and the fact of 30 million Twitter followers is just an added excuse for an additional nude wife photo.

The third in the installment, “CONGRATS BABY ON THE SHOW PREMIERE LAST NIGHT,” represents an alignment with the photo shoot’s original purpose, i.e., promotion for the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians on the E! network. Initially we might see this as a sign of spousal support, that Kanye wants to help support his partner’s passions and endeavors. However, the more cynical among us might find this to be a rather convenient capitalistic collusion, one huge media conglomerate cross promoting another huge media conglomerate’s project in a manner mutually beneficial to their respective individual brands as well as their combined brand unit (Kimye).

A return to “I’M SO LUCKY.” A humorous callback? A repetition to inculcate the point into the minds’ of his followers? A piece of dada performance art? The answer to all: yes.

A change in form: “SWISH!!!!"From zero marks of punctuation to four, each an exclamation. A clear tonal shift. And yet, perhaps not. We notice the consistency in the complete capitalization of all characters included. Kanye began the series at seemingly an emotional 10, so to speak, impossible to go higher. The four punctuation marks shatter our expectations, following the satirical yet poignant example from Spinal Tap of taking the proverbial 10 to an 11.

SWISH!!!” Wow. What first strikes as an immediate repetition, we see is actually far more than that. Not four exclamation marks, but three. Is this a deflation of enthusiasm? It seems so, but no. What is actually at play is a show of intention. This was no copying and pasting of a word. This was a deliberate choice. One “swish” was not enough. When Kanye married Kim, he swished twice.

What a turn! With “SWISH!!!"we have a third repetition of the word "swish” and a second repetition of “swish” with three exclamation marks, and more importantly, our expectations that were established merely one Tweet ago have been completely overturned! Perhaps this was a matter of copying and pasting after all?

Kanye, this is why you’re an artist. After completing the rule of threes, the third “swish,” what is the absolute last thing we’d suspect? A fourth “SWISH!!!” There are of course more questions still left unanswered (why the single four exclamation park swish followed by three consecutive three exclamation mark swishes?) but we are left with one resounding answer: SWISH. Our attention drifts away from the accompanying caption and returns to the photo itself. We see with the extreme angle that this is not a photograph of Kanye’s naked wife Kim after all. This is a photograph of a photograph of Kanye’s naked wife Kim. Or, more precisely, it is a cell phone picture of a photograph in the process of being edited displayed on a computer monitor. What started as a simple declaration of matrimonial good fortune has transformed into a photographic essay of digital (re)presentation in the age of mechanical reproduction.

Plus, he got to show the world all of those slammin’ pics of his wife’s boobies.