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March 25, 2011

Are you a moon maven? Check your knowledge with these amazing facts.

If you tried to fit 61 moons into the Earth, it would probably explode.

If a planet has three moons, it will possibly have three times as many werewolves as the Earth.

Despite their name, Moon Pies contain no actual ingredients from the moon.

The Moon is mentioned more often in song lyrics than almost any other satellite of Earth!

Domino’s vaunted ‘Moon Pizza’ with toppings designed to recreate the moon’s texture and color, was a dud with customers.

One day, the Moon may be home to a race of genetically modified, cloned, self-nourishing, bald super-eunuchs.

While the pilot had hilarious footage of puzzled dogs, The Moon’s Funniest Home Videos wasn’t picked up for a full season.

If the Moon collided with the Earth, it would require a rethinking of much current scientific Moon theory.



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