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Published April 03, 2008 More Info »
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Published April 03, 2008

Dear Cyberspace,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I've been thinking about you lately...a lot. I'm a little embarrassed that it's taken me so long to write.  I see you everyday and want to talk to you, but I guess I'm just really shy.

I hope you see this letter as a demonnstration of my strength and courage to overcome my weaknesses. 

So here it goes...(deep breathe):

Will you go out with me?


If you check 'maybe', please let me know as soon as you can because I already bought tickets to Spamalot and they're non-refundable. If you check 'no'...well, I'm not even going to think about that.

I look forward to your reply.

Thinking of you always,


P.S. If you check 'yes', I promise not to just use you and then walk away. I'm ready to commit. Kind of like that movie TRON...I want to get inside of you...


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