“War is on the decline, poverty is shrinking, women around the world find their lot improving and democracy is spreading.”, reports Good News Networks. And despite this, “American Idol” prepares for it’s 11th season, pretty much canceling out all of the above.

After even Simon himself said, “Enough of this bullS#%$, I’m ghost!” (we’re paraphrasing), the reality show infamous for finding people whose sole purpose is to rise through the ranks to be humiliated in front of millions on tv, (the coveted 15 minutes of shame), the show is finding itself back on the roster for another sleason. (That’s not a typo).  

After a decade plus on the air, many consider American Idol an institution…where once budding rockstars, wanna be singers and personalities try their chance at being accepted by the public at large…but enough about the hosts.