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December 15, 2010

Two similar Funny or Die videos are compared.

Both videos start with a 20 something female, at her wits end trying to balance a busy work schedule with the constant burden of having to go to the bathroom.

    The stressed out worker in RestXpress is on the phone with her boss while Google Shit’s protagonist talks to her boss via video chat. –In both cases the message is clear: who has time to go to the bathroom!? It should be noted that the Google Shit protagonist is eating a big burrito. We don’t see a big burrito in RestXpress until the 2nd act.   

    Time for both videos to cue the wide-eyed, obliviously smiling female spokesperson, who explains the product.

  • “Need to go, but just don’t have the time to unplug yourself?”  -Google Shit
  •  “Well say goodbye to those time consuming trips to the restroom with RestXpress!” –RestXpress

    At this point, the RestXpress protagonist attempts to use a toilet but is stopped by a RestXpress agent, a white guy in a yellow, uniform polo shirt. Meanwhile, the Google Shit worker is trying to crap in a recycling bin when she is stopped by TWO white guys, wearing white suits and yellow hats. Sidenote: In Google Shit, the spokesperson wears the uniform polo shirt.


    The middle portion of both videos is where the respective products are explained. RestXpress is a Netflix-like website that moves your bowels for you while Google Shit is a Google App that moves your bowels for you. Both products feature a way for users to check the status of their dump. RestXpress uses a Poop Tracker. Google Shit has a progress bar.





  Somehow, despite all these differences, both videos enter the 3rd act with their respective products saving the day. But there’s a twist! RestXpress ends on an at-work incident where a RestXpress employee is peed on. While Google Shit backfires, causing a shit explosion.              So yes, these products both made the world a better place by providing the ultimate convenience…  But at what price!? 

    In closing, I find that these two videos….  oh sorry. Wait a minute. My neighbors are arguing and I can hear them through the wall. Apparently one of them made the same dessert as the other. One of them just called the other one a “conniving, back-stabbing, hack piece of shit.” He sounds upset. “You saw my lemon bars and then went and made the exact same dish! If you can’t think of something delicious on your own, then you shouldn’t be at this bake-sale. People who have to steal someone else’s desserts have no place at bake-sales. They are lowlifes and scum and should be treated as such.” He said. “I hope you shove your lemon bars up your ass and get an infection and die.”  

    Sorry about that. Where were we? Oh yes. I was about to say that after careful analysis, its clear that these two videos are too similar for it to be a coincidence. Since RestXpress was produced and published 6 months ago and Google Shit is brand new, the only logical conclusion is that the makers of RestXpress used a time machine to go back in time to steal the idea. So shame on them.