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February 27, 2017

Don, you don't need to scapegoat the media.

Now Don, I’m not going to call you Donald because that’s the name of a duck, and I’m not going to call you “The Donald,” because nobody in their right mind would call you that unless they have a fetish, get a hard-on by getting into improper word syntax.

Besides you’re not a “The,” anyway, and you’re certainly not an “It” (some people think you’re a “Thing”)…Instead you’re a “You!” Or a “Me!”Use a personal pronoun.

Which brings to mind…One of your supporters who didn’t like my opinion recently called me a loser in an email and also called me one of “You people.” He said something like, “You people do this and this and this (like many conservatives he wants to try and demonize anyone of the other party, in a system that has run this country pretty well using two parties both composed mostly of loyal Americans since 1790).

Anyway, I corrected this Bozo by telling him he was “Freudian slipping” (giving away his neurosis) in two ways. First of all, I told him and I’ll tell you Don….there are no winners and losers……there are only people.

And it’s not “You people”…. it’s “Us people.”

We both get up in the morning Don you and I, and we both yawn and possibly belch and scratch our heads and walk to the bathroom. We both relieve ourselves to the sound of disgusting bodily functions. My toilet is made of white porcelain while yours is made of gold plate no doubt. Now Don, if you want to think that makes you a winner go right ahead and think that.

When you die you won’t take that gold toilet with you, which brings us to reporters.

Reporters are just people like all the rest of us Don, except their business is asking questions that often the person being questioned if he or she is a political officeholder find…how can I say it…inconvenient…or unpleasant? This is especially true if the political officeholder has a lot of controversial things to explain.

Remember the old saying Don, “There are three things on which people can’t agree….how to make love, how to stoke the fireplace fire and how to run a newspaper.” It should be updated now to say, “There are three things upon which right-wing nut jobs and sycophant slave fans of yours can agree….that news people are “Leftist…Leftist…Leftist!”

Use of the term “Leftist” is deliberate because Don, “Leftist”rhymes with “Communist,” and seems more evil than the word “Democrat,” which rhymes with democracy, which has a rather pleasant connotation.

Now Don, some reporters are Democrats. They have a right to be. It’s a free country with a Constitution that guarantees the right to disagree (hopefully without being accused of disloyalty) in a two-party system.

Don, how come the private political preference of reporters is so much an obsession of yours and not that of plumbers? Plumbers are a group. They’re important too. They come out and fix your drainpipe. You don’t care what party they belong to, do you?

Nobody cares what a plumber believes.

Now Don, look, I know you want to cast reporters as a scapegoat in the same way Hitler did the Jews, to take people’s minds off your performance (or lack of). To come up with a whipping boy you can always depend on to throw your supporters into a blood-lust feeding frenzy of hate and desire for revenge and increase the worship of you. Accusations of disloyalty worked in the Joe McCarthy Red Scare days and it still does today.

I know you’ll try and disagree with this at first, but Don, most reporters (and I’ve been one) are decent people and not Machiavellian schemers, most of them try to be fair, just like most people are decent, and most Democrats believe it or not are also decent people who simply disagree on how best to run the country.

Truly evil people out to destroy the system are rare….unless you want to create a false sense of peril….you know, use fear and hate…for some political reason. Don, you’re not like that. C’mon!

I might advise you Don to keep on baiting the media if I thought scapegoating them as “Enemies of the People” would work forever. But the problem Don is….How can I tell you this? You reach a point of diminishing returns Don, where it gets old, hearing the same thing over and over like an old scratchy song record.

And you’ve got maybe a long way to go Don.

When the public finally gets tired of hearing it, who you gonna blame then?

If everything goes well, no wars, good economy, everybody rich, everybody happy, it won’t matter what reporters say will it Don? It’s only when things are rotten Don you need to scapegoat a group to divert attention.

Right Don? I will use Anne Frank’s quote, “Despite everything, I believe people are really good at heart.”

Please Don, don’t scapegoat.