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November 10, 2008


large_obamaspeech.JPGWashington D.C.– Socialist Barack Obama made good on his intentions to “fundamentally change” the U.S. on Tuesday, by instigating a political coup d’etat and seizing power of the Executive Branch of the United States of America.

Obama, along with a fringe group of 63 million American radicals, gained control by coordinating an immensely organized strike, which they launched from churches, postal offices and elementary schools in practically every city in America.

Senator Obama, who is known for his disgust with the American flag and everything it represents, began his coup almost two years ago by touring the country and openly berating it’s policies as well as commander in chief George W. Bush, steadily gaining supporters along the way. In his numerous speeches he made no attempt to be clandestine in his intentions to remove sitting President Bush and take control of the United States,  even going as far as revealing policies he planned to institute if he was successful. Policies which include raising taxes, redistributing wealth and, in his own words, “securing health care for every American”.

Socialists galvanized around Obama and his interest in removing the President of the United States from power, displaying their shared convictions by touting Obama paraphernalia on their cars, homes, or person and attending his rallies around the country in support of his nefarious plans of subversion. But it didn’t stop there, some have estimated that as a many as five million rebels actively participated in the coup; spreading anti-capitalist propaganda in person, over the phone, and on the web.

Many, most notably Senator McCain and Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, have been warning Americans of Obama and his intentions for some time. Both McCain and Palin made valiant efforts to get the word out on not only Barack Obama’s socialist agenda, but his questionable relations with known terrorists and fanatics as well. Governor Sarah Palin in particular, attempted to highlight these relations in a speech in Englewood, Colorado where she told of the Senator’s fondness for “palling around with terrorists”.

In the wake of the takeover, Republican Senator Mel Martinez has placed the blame squarely at the feet of the Bush Administration, criticizing the former president in an interview Tuesday evening.

“The Bush administration has failed us by refusing to acknowledge and deal with the Obama threat. If they had acted instead of being complacent, we would not be in this situation today.”

Martinez went on to point out the various ways in which the administration refused to take the socialist threat seriously, citing a speech Obama game in Berlin last July where he announced to 100,000 people that “this is our moment” and advocated drastic policy change. Martinez believes that statements like these were made by Obama in an attempt to gain support from the rest of the world in anticipation of his takeover.

It has yet to be seen how long Obama and his socialist agenda will remain in power, with experts predicting that it may be anywhere from four to eight years before his reign ends. Even then, Obama has already stated that his second in command, Senator Joe Biden, would be an excellent replacement.