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Published July 18, 2008
LIFE IS COMEDY---YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WIT YOU: First off you need to know my dad and I shared the same name: “Tom O’Brien”. When my dad died I was the first car behind the hearse in the procession. After mass my wife pointed out the gas gauge was a hair above empty, but it was too late, we were leaving for the cemetary in a minute. As we pulled out of the parking lot I decided to take a chance and find a gas station. How hard could it be to pump a couple gallons and head back into the procession? Did I mention my dad and I are “Tom O’Brien”? Meanwhile, at the cemetery, the burial ceremony was delayed a few minutes to wait for me. Everybody understood why I left to pull into a gas station, but this was before cell phones, so it was uncertain when I would reappear. One of my sisters leaned over to whisper to another sibling: “The LATE Tom O’Brien!”.