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January 13, 2010


The worst video we have ever made was also one of our our firsts.  It was called Dr. Phil Helps Britney.  The strange thing is, we made it in 2007 - A YEAR BEFORE DR. Phil went to meet with Spears!

Here's the story.

On the day of the first night of shooting Nickel Ad Vice, I was shaving my head for my role as Detective Thompson when I saw Dr. Phil on TV.  I started doing a bad impression of him, cut my hair like him, and thought up the idea of him interviewing Spears.  When Matt and Ryan showed up that night, we cut the Phil parts, I shaved the rest of my head and we shot the Britney parts.  This was during Britney's bald stage.

The video is horrible.  What makes things worse, a year after our hardly watched video was long forgotten, DR. PHIL actually went to meet with Britney Spears!!  Suddenly our video was getting a lot of hits (by our standards) and a clip of it was even shown on Danish Network TV - primetime.

I'm sorry Britney.  You are way prettier than me.