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July 26, 2009


The comment concerned a story about Ozzy canning Zakk Wylde.I don't know if it's still up and I forgot to keep the link.I'LL THROW IT UP on my next post.Hope he don't confuse me with the other sakblabbath from, oregun.Brilliant thinker. Here's the comment.

Ozzy ain't never been the same since that damn reality show. Zakk is the best guitarist Ozzy had since Randy Rhoads. And, who knows how prolific Randy would have been if he had lived?

Maybe,I should go ahead and re-write the conspiracy theory parody where I claimed the REAL OZZY Osbourne has been dead for years.I used to have an Ozzy Memorial Drunken Bar Hop Parade since 2003.I gave it up since I stopped drinking and Katrina displaced me.Hence,my OZZY Debauch pix.I think switching some story to Michael Jackson.But,I'M fizzed out on the King Of Pop.