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March 11, 2012

One bad thing about warmer weather.

There's not many things bad about winter being over. There is only one that I can think of. That would be that a lot of the girls I see out, are wearing clothes that are more revealing. Tighter pants, shorter skirts, and smaller tops. In public. For everyone else to see and be disgusted as they whisper to whomever they are with about the repulsive display.

I was out with my mom and grandma to have my son's picture taken. I was there filling out a card for the pictures. My mom quietly said to me,"Look at that." I looked over and was absolutely horrified. I looked at the back of this young woman, seeing huge thighs, complete with cottage cheese. That wasn't so bad, because there wasn't a great deal of cottage cheese. My glance moved up a bit to see a huge butt, barely contained in jean shorts, that were, three to five sizes to small. That was sick, but I noticed that wasn't the end of the repulsive display. My glance moved up a bit more and saw she was wearing a tiny black stretch lacy top, that had her massive muffin top showing from all sides. She wasn't real fat, I'm guessing around 150 pounds. But her clothes made her look like she was heavier than that, like she was trying to be fat. I didn't see the front of her, or else I probably would have seen more things wrong. It was like a bad car accident. Couldn't take my eyes off of the disaster. 

Girls, listen to me! I don't care if you weigh 150 or 350, wear clothes that fit. Not clothes that you have to struggle to get on. If you have to struggle, getting your clothes on, get something bigger to wear. No one finds you attractive in a five year old's outfit. Not even guys who like plus sized women. The only thing's anyone's ever going to do, is most likely lie to your face and snicker behind your back. Unless you run into someone like me, but the chances of running into anyone like me are very slim.

I'm just trying to do the world a favor, and if I have to do it through this article, well it's a very small start.