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March 22, 2017

A man provides feedback on his motorcycle license class.

Thank you for taking the Motorcycle License Preparatory Instruction Class at Big Dave’s Motorcycle Academy! Your feedback will help us improve the class for future riders. Let ‘er rip!

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Marcus Finch

How did you hear about Big Dave’s Motorcycle Academy?
Brochure taped above the urinals at Nowhere To Go Saloon n’ Grill

What made you decide to take our class?
As I tried to say during class introductions before I was cut off, Allison left in February and the last eight months have been pretty tough. My orthodontist told me that maybe what Allison meant by, “the human equivalent of beige drapes,” was that I needed to shake off the dust and let more light in. Then I saw the brochure.

What exercise did you enjoy most in the class?
I liked when we drove slowly over 2x4s. And not because Allison is currently dating a general contractor. I’m pretty sure. What do you think?

What could have been improved?
I didn’t gain “the freedom of two wheels.” I don’t feel like the man on the brochure, master of the open road with no limits but his own personal tolerance for risk.

I really was trying not to think about my divorce and focus on the class, but Big Dave would say things like, “Touch and feel is key to understanding what our bike needs from us to be happy.” Gosh, who does that sound like? (Allison, is who that sounds like.)

And the class was all couples and me! I thought motorcycles were about individualism and sunglasses, not high-fiving your sweetie as you cruise by practicing mirrors and signaling.

What did you find most challenging?
Everybody said they had never ridden a motorcycle before, but I think they were lying because they got the hang of the shift/clutch/throttle thing really fast. You control each one with a different hand/foot! What am I, an acrobat? If I had that kind of dexterity, maybe I would have danced with Allison at Sam and Ruth’s wedding instead of stalling by the dessert table until the music ended.

Also, I’m sorry for losing my composure when the whole class ran alongside holding me upright while I practiced shifting into second.

If you did not pass your license exam, would you consider taking our class again?
Thanks, Big Dave, for sending the class out around the neighborhood so I could show you photos from my honeymoon. You told me that riding a motorcycle is a lot like a marriage: “The slower you’re moving, the harder it is to turn.” I wish I had met you eight months and one day earlier.

I didn’t pass my test (or ever get to 15 mph), but I grew a lot in these two days. I think my upcoming beginner scuba lessons are where I’m really going to shine.