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September 04, 2012

Mitt Romney tried to show his compassionate side this weekend on a trip to hurricane-torn Louisiana, where he told a wheelchair-bound panhandler to "jog on over to the nearest Starbucks and grab a job application" .

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney hoped to gain political ground this weekend on a trip to hurricane-torn Louisiana where he tried showcase his compassionate side, even telling one woman whose house was completely submerged to, “go home and call 211.”

 Romney’s so called ”empathy tour” continued this week at a packed town hall meeting on Saturday where Romney offered advice to people struggling to feed their families.
“Next time you’re at Morton’s, order the bone-in Ribeye,” said the nominee, adding, “it feeds more than one, and it’s the tastiest cut. Also, share a side order!”

That evening, a wheelchair-bound panhandler got the surprise of his life when Romney pulled up in his motorcade, offering more than just spare change. “He told me to jog on over to the nearest Starbucks and grab a job application. Then he called me a dirty invalid.”

Sunday, Romney assured a group of nursing home residents that their health-care would be much easier to pay for if they’d follow one simple rule: “No fancy vacations or new cars until after you’ve paid for your prescription drugs.”

Yet the most poignant moment occurred during a photo op with an Private Jack Mitchell at a nearby Army hospital. “He basically told me to pull myself up by my bootstraps and things would be fine,” said the soldier, adding, ”I believe him.”

The moment turned uncomfortable briefly when Romney attempted to give the soldier a high-five, not realizing he didn’t have any arms.