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September 09, 2009


This post will now be a recap of a post I just wrote and accidently fucking deleted like a complete fucking fool. Haysus. But this is the thing about shit like this. In some ways you can only do one draft, because if you go back and read whatever you shat out, you realize how retarded your inner monologue is. If/when I re-read this in about 30 seconds, I will be tempted to kill myself.

So, blah blah blah, I was in the middle of a FASCINATING (trust me) treatise on space when I proved to myself that I was too fucking stupid to even be espousing an opinion. Cause, really, at this point, I should have mastered the concept of SAVING.

OK, enough self-directed vitriol. That's even more boring than my original post, sooooooo, I may as well share it. The gist: I don't fucking get space. I just don't. They released these astonishing photos today taken by the Hubble telescope recently repaired at a cost just short of the first Gulf War. And worth every fucking penny. Cause the images are breathtaking. Sparkly and pretty and dazzling and shiny and shit. Awesome in it's truest definition, not the way I use it. Fucking awesome.

Sparkly and Gorgeous

But, who says? Who fucking says?

I will tell you right now my knowledge of Astronomy has not progressed beyond my 7th grade Earth Sciences class (course more comprehensive than it's title), and the few things I do recall have probably long since been mutated in my brain from hazy memory to concrete fact. I like to act like I am smart on occasion. But, again, if I am to believe, for instance, we are looking at something that happened 5 billion light years away, HOW do astronomers feel comfortable saying something like that? I mean, if we are only witnessing just now things that happened months/years/parsecs how infinitesimal must our knowledge of the universe really be? So, again, who says?

I do realize someone might come along and read this post and be struck by my utter ignorance, but, eh. Like I said, sometimes I like to act smart. I also do realize I am going to have to come back and finish/ slash and burn this tomorrow. I too tired now from writing this twice...More to come...''