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March 11, 2008


So as I stated in my last blog, I slept in and missed class. I then proceeded to take the light rail down to campus for my second class (which I now have officially attended 4.5 times). I didn't realize a lab was due today though... so I suppose I'll have to do that in a short while to turn in before the test on thursday. Anyway, walking to class, I walked past the teacher of the class I missed. I don't think he noticed me, but if he did, he hadn't noticed that I had or hadn't noticed him, btu then again, he may have the same impression in reverse. Either way, awkward explanations were avoided when I didn't make any eye contact. Really, it may not have even been him, but his general shape, awkward gait, and air style makes me 90% sure.

Aside form that, nothing new to speak of, except for one thing. If I become wealthy enough not to have to worry about a lot of things, I think I'll take up falconry, because hawks are freakin awesome.