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August 25, 2015

There comes a time in all young girls' lives when their favorite boy band splits up for creative differences. Luckily Allison has her uncle Jimmy Kimmel to help her through it.

If you haven’t been crying the past 24 hours, you either haven’t heard the news of One Direction taking a break or you are a well adjusted human being who understands that pop music boy bands constructed by a television show don’t last forever. Jimmy Kimmel’s niece Allison is neither of those things and is completely devastated by the news.
Luckily Kimmel is a cool uncle, versed in the hippest teen-speak and allowed her to properly communicate her devastation, which will hopefully help her healing process. For the rest of you flipping out, my only advice is you’ll be legally able to drown this sadness in a glass of wine in about eight years.