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August 05, 2010

TCCS, a private Christian school San Diego, offering a wide range of study facility focusing on the Christian worldview.

Tri-City Christian School, a private Christian school San Diego has proved that it is not only an in-born talent that always help students out-shine but also the capability of cultivating good habits and adequate skilled training can do wonders. This Christian school, San Diego, refined their educational structure in order to incorporate the latest technology that will simplify the complete learning process.

It has been observed that not all children are born with the same level of excellence. Therefore Tri-City Christian School, the private Christian school San Diego organized their education system in such a way that the weakest student too becomes strong with the care and attention of highly qualified and trained teachers.

Each and every staff of this Christian school San Diego, especially who are associated with directly educating the students are trained and have extensive knowledge in the subject they deal with. The teaching professionals are not only educated in subjects but are also trained to understand the child psychology and handle them tactfully.

The prospect of this Christian school San Diego, “Tri-City Christian School is thankful for the phenomenal results across the board in the Advanced Placement program. With passing rates that equal or surpass the top private schools in San Diego, the evidence shows that Tri-City Christian School (the private Christian school San Diego) students are graduating well prepared for college.”

This Christian school San Diego not only looks after the academic qualifications but also takes a keen interest in nurturing the hidden talents of each individual student. Hence they have a well-equipped athletic and performing arts division that is exclusively built for students who are interested something more than regular studies. The various athletic and performing arts programs showcase the tremendous talent that exists at TCCS, the Christian school San Diego.

TCCS, the Christian school San Diego continues to SOAR spiritually, academically, athletically, artistically, and socially. But what else separates Tri-City Christian School from other private and public schools? The answer is simple. According to the present staff, “This Christian school San Diego strives to make a difference in the way students will live their lives and this begins in the classroom with the teachers making a difference in teaching the students how to think. The fundamental difference is that the entire curriculum at TCCS is taught integrating a Christian worldview.”

Superintendent Clark Gilbert stated “Our teachers understand that our students need to be prepared to live out and defend their faith in the extreme secular humanistic world in which we live. Students leave TCCS understanding the truth that Scripture provides and that there is a loving and just God who wants to know each of us intimately. Our students leave knowing that they have a purpose and a role in God's Creation. What could be more important?”