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January 26, 2009


I've been caring for a homeless small cat colony at an Indian restaurant in town. There's a creepy guy there that bothers me but the restaurant is closed on Mondays, so that's my day to trap,carry to vet.,spay-neuter,etc. I go to feed them on other days and managed to put antibiotics in the food for one that cut it"s leg in the dumpster,probably before I discovered them. I sneak around for my own safety. Anyway I named the little blue eyed winter kitten D.L. after D.L.Hughley. Blue eyes on a black cat are quite rare and unique, so is D.L.Hughley, he is very sweet and also just as rare. In addition to being really talented he is also a real person. I had the opportunity to meet him recently and his eyes are really different,just like the kittens. I hope and pray for him that no one will steal his humanity because many famous people go through this because people ,like the paparazzi simply will not leave them alone. Imagine having a kid that works as a photographer,or whatever and someone asks them what their son or daughter do for a living. Oh, they go around stalking famous people and chase them around and take pictures of them at the beach, you know their butts or whatever,and if they are lucky they get an unflattering shot. Their parents must be so proud. I don't have human children but I'm glad that when my nephew graduated from USC he moved to NYC and works in public relations and marketing for cosmetic companies, my niece is still in school and wants to go into social work,later politics(oh-oh!)