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September 21, 2008


Were you ever curious if people thought you dressed white trash?  Well if you answer yes to any of these questions they might have....

Do you consider black gym shoes dress shoes?

Do u wear a fanny pack?

Do you wear zoobas (2 yes votes if there sports team themed)

Are your jeans worn out in the back pocket from where you carry your wallet?

At anytime do u wear sandles with socks?

Cell phone clipped to your pants?

Sleevless shirt (you cut the sleeves off and your not going to work out)

Jean shorts?

Do you have a shirt that contains a year on it thats more then 2 years older then the current year?  Example - Old Navy American Flag T-Shirt with the year 2005 on it.

Do u have a shirt on that has a food stain on it thats more then an hour old?

A Shirt with a Bald Eagle on it?

Do you have your wallet attached to a chain? (Accesories)

Bandana (Around Head or Leg)

Would you wear a sports themed jacket over your nicest outfit?

Do u wear a Belt Buckle

Any kind of Tye dye?

A shirt with the type of dog you own on it?

Button up shirt with flames at the bottom?

Do you ever wear black pants with a dark blue shirt?

Do you have a huge ring of keys in your pocket?

Do you carry a ton of change in your pocket and you actually ching when you walk?

Would you incorporate a utilty knife and its storage case into your casual wear?

Velvet like track suit?

Leather Jacket with a beer advertisement on it?

Do u have a shirt with shoulder pads?

Disney sweatshirt (Adult)

White socks with dress shoes?

Are you dressed like Don Johnson in Miami Vice right now while your reading this?

Do you have one of those metal triangle shaped ties with the strings hanging down?

Do you have a cigarette in your ear?

Do you wear sweatpants with shorts over them?

Do u have a shirt that says FBI - Female Body Inspector?

Are you wearing a Funny or Die T shirt?

Pace yourself and check back later.  Its a hard thing to realize