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April 24, 2013

Inside the mind of Aubrey Plaza as she tried to steal Will Ferrell's award.


Aubrey Plaza's thoughts just before and during her attempted theft of Will Ferrell's award at the MTV movie awards

"Whoa, thish room is kind of spinny. Why can't I feel my feet? Maybe I should drink some more of this.. this... what is this drink? Shmells funny. Like some kind of a whatchamacallit, a potion. Heeey, who put a potion in my drink? Oh well, who cares, I'm drinkin' it anyway. What kind of potion ish thish, though? It's kind of clear... clear, clear, invis'ble... invis'bility potion? Did I order an invis'bility potion by accident? That's kind of funny. I should let everybody know I'm invis'ble! Waaiit, if I'm invis'ble, I can do anything! I can... I can... just run up on that stage and take that thing from Fill Werrell. What is that thing, a bucket with a curly wig on it? Ish it Beaker from the Muppets? Whatever, I'm gonna go take it. It'll be hilarioush. Out of nowhere, the wig bucket's gonna be just gone from his hand, poof! Here goes... Don' even hafta sneak, invis'ble. Gonna grab that muppet bucket now. Urgh, he's really got a grip on it... Gimme that thing. Is Wirr Fellell fighting me for this thing? Nope, nope, can't be. Sticking to the plan, epic invis'bility muppet heist. Gonna slip it right out of his hand. Oh god, I think he's talking to me! Werr Filler can see me! Did I screw up shomehow? Yup. Better say that. 'Yup.' Maybe better jusht go back to my seat. Now Well Frilly just said my name and pointed right at me. I'm not, not invis'ble at all. Lill Ferrer's nice though. Smilin' at you, Lill!"