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August 02, 2011

I was going to write a long scathing commentary about the whole Debt Ceiling debate debacle and then it dawned on me. It doesn't matter! Most people are to busy and for better or worse the amount of time they spend listening to what goes on in DC is the rare amount of free time that they get between work, dinner and taking their kids to what ever activity they have to be at and then that that may only be five minutes of some opinion show. People care about Jobs, their homes, their kids, food, education, infrastructure and living to see the sun come up. No matter how the current end of the world as we know it debate is resolved the way things are run in Washington will not change and that is the problem people want resolved. The clowns in DC will talk trash about each other and in the end when it's all over will end up going out on the town spend more of our money and for some reason follow the morons in the Tea Party over the closest cliff. Meanwhile I'll open up a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese so I can invite the whole Trailer Park over for dinner while we gather around an old black and white TV to watch reruns of the Jersey Shore.