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July 19, 2011

Listen, unless your exceeding speeds over 120 mph you don't need a spoiler on your Cavalier, Neon, Jetta, Mustang or any lame car your stuck with. 

Putting the spoiler on your car when not going over 80 mph, only adds drag. That's right, you just made your car slower in daily driving situations. I thought I'd let the douches know since I see so many out there.

Besides, your cool enough without the spoiler. I realize the material world defines you and that's fine. Look, focus on your pho-hawk and go buy a new shirt with flames or skulls on it. That alone, will tell me your a douche bag without after market add-ons to your automobile.

I realize Gadzooks has closed and Hot Topic's are becoming few and far between, but you can still get quality flame shirts at such places as Kohle's and select Army-Navy stores.

Thank you for your time on the matter and I expect this action will most likely get me "served." I am ready for any dance-off that might come my way. But when it's all said and done, win or lose, you still lack style and an understanding of basic aerodynamics. 

When you do the Roger Rabbit while wearing a flame shirt you look like an inferno.

Flame on you retarded demons of speed. If society gives you enough rope maybe you'll hang yourself.