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October 20, 2008


Robert Reich is less than sanguine about the possibility of a speedy economic recovery. In a recent interview with "Newsweek," the former Labor Secretary puts the chances of a full-on depression at "20 percent."

What was interesting about the interview (besides the the fact that it evoked a sense of desperation and cold terror so profound that it took eight hours of watching Bravo to put a dent in) was Reich's rather interesting...speech patterns. The man likes to talk about poop. A lot. We're serious. Take our quiz. These quotes are all real, save one.

23/6 Quiz

Which fecal-themed metaphor has former Labor Secretary Robert Reich not yet used to describe the current credit crisis and/or George W. Bush's economic policy?

a) "It's policy doo-doo. Moral: When you try to run everything out of the White House you end up with the runs."

b) "The Fed rate cuts, under normal circumstances, would free up money, but lenders are afraid of lending because they don't know how much risk of default they face...It's a little like offering a lobster dinner to someone who is so constipated that they can't take in another mouthful."

c) "Now we have a mess on our hands. Bernanke has the only pooper-scooper in town, but it is too small for the job."

d) "You can eat all the bananas you want, but sooner or later there's going to be a bowel movement. And it won't be pretty."

e) "At least the Bushies didn't have the votes to privatize Social Security. Had they got their way -- and were we now completely reliant on the stock market for our retirements -- we early boomers would be in, as the President's father used to say, deep doo doo."

Answer is "d."

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