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July 18, 2009


( introduction:) -introducing Carmen Nunn; a once German, now conflicted N.Y.'er existing in Cola.,S.C.. She feels "right as rain," and can stand unassisted for long periods of time. Please help me bring her to the stage. .. "they tried to make me go to rehab,I said no,no,no..."
(me)- Good evening "friends." I was on a fire escape to be anointed nor disappointed by a man we all knew only as "SissyPants."
an" Ugly American," but with a large hockey stick asked me out. To prove his devotion he bestowed upon me a blender; why not bling?You dingaling! "Beat it,beat it..."in memory.
It wasn't my marriage that caused me to say no. Loyalty, like my middle name Roswitha was useless to me. I already had a date for the much anticipated "Soccer Ball" with another, so fine, so fine.
We waltzed the night away to the grandeur of a sole harmonica as it played "Sweet Inspiration."  
( "rehab,..."by Amy Winehouse;"beat it,beat it..." by MichaelJackson-RIP