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January 15, 2009


In the Year 55, my bud Epictetus was born!!!  Too bad he died.

Interstate 55 runs centrally through the United States, albeit with a slight curve - much like a butt crack.


Cancri 55 is a class G super hot star.  Just like Johnny Depp (YES!)

55 is a semi-prime number and also the atomic number of caesium.  I like semi-prime rib and atomic things are neat-o.

Sammy Hagar sang, "I Can't Drive 55".  I am very sorry I had to bring Hagar into this…

The number of European Route E55 from Helsingborg, Sweden to Greece - Someday, I'm gonna run that route and Hell sing a borg! 

My root beer has a slang name, it's 55 … la, la!  This doesn't go as well as the Oscar Mayer lyrics :)

The number of Sacha Baren Cohen's character in Talladega Nights.  Check it out, Will, I plugged ya!

In the dice game, craps, if you roll two 5's or a "55" this is commonly known as a hard 10 or double nickels.  'Craps, roll, hard, nickels'…heehee

This is my 55th blog and I'm just silly



What would you do 55 times in a row?  You are allowed 55, 55-minute breaks only.