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August 28, 2009


Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest attempt to make you smile...

Went on a trip to Toronto this week, about 5 hours from where I live. Ottawa.  About 3 hours in my boy Nicholas tells us that he has to pee.  No problem little man, truck stop ahead!  Minutes later, we pulled into a service station.  Nick and I walked into the station and headed right for the washroom.  Well, first we had to stop to check out the arcade machines.... Mortal Kombat 1 .... Solid.
We entered the washroom and into one of the stalls.  Nick dropped his shorts and his gitch (transformer) and proceeded to pee.  I waited my turn. (I dont know what the rules are about playing pee stream swords in public).  Nick finished, shook his little stinger and pulled up the shorts.  Now it was my turn, dropped my shorts and gitch ( Care Bear) and started to pee.  Seconds later I hear " Hi my name is Nicholas" Nick was peeping under the stall at some Biker Brute (Could tell by his massive biker boots).  Biker Brute was not too happy about this. He grunted something, could not understand him and did not really feel like asking him to repeat himself.  Im 1/2 way done squirtin, what do ya do, stop? You cant stop once its flowing!!! I finished quick, gave er a little shake (not enough I soon found out, call me "The Dribbler") and headed for the sink with Nick.  Then we heard the scariest sound ever heard... Biker Brute's toilet flush!!! No hand washing on this day.  Haha! We were out of there faster then snot from a rooster's lip!

Hope your day is going well,

Jeff "The Dribbler"