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January 25, 2009


You come,ok.;just remember no problem a problem @ Bert's Berka Hut- You got lipstick pig at home,eh?Bert know how to fix it,eh?Sure,no problem,"sometimes it's hard to be a womans-"eh? But, that kind real crazy, she's gonna shoot you-belief me
 And how about my "brothers" out there,eh?When you got also to be wussys,is right,eh?No problem,pussys,eh?If you had Kwanza situation this last year,come on "let's straighten it out"-did you get hit upside head for buying wrong Coach bag,eh?You guyz you're killing me here.What happened to you people,eh even to "that one"?Eh?Next time you give her nice berka with a coach picture on front,eh?Look if your womans having big kaboose one thing for sure,if you "feel like bustin'loose" come on-is not going down,no happens,ok,eh?Only thing gonna be loose are your bowels,belief me,Bert just want to testify,my friend,eh?And you not gonna "take it to the bridge" eh? Anything you got left "in a box to the left"-eh?No -no,my friend forget it.
An all of you men's now listen to me,eh?All inferior  American brothers- this means white ones,black ones,brown ones,etc.we at Bert's Berka Hut are here to serve you. If your woman's having Lauren Hill cd-that one real nut,eh?She wants to make a destroyment of mens everywhere and the womans are listening,sure,yeah."If you gots de money,you got de power,keep your eye on final hour"eh, what you think means,eh?Which one said"I want to go outside in the rain"eh? Be careful what you ask for,eh? What,you crazy"there's no me without you"eh? If I said that to a womans I would have too say it 20 times too much,eh? Come on-"Though you may not drive a great big cadillac,"eh,"tv.aters in de back" I don't know what is-but you can have because Bert coming out with DSL.Yak soon. That's right, I sell 6 wife for,sure it good deal.In past I order "Four Seasons," "Dawn"-I just get last week,what so special about Dawn? Many womans have same name,eh? Now I can get it quicker with DSL.Yak.And one more thing,eh you Feliz Navid loco guys,when your womans said "But poppy,I wanted the big one,"what you think she meant,eh???