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May 10, 2016

'Full Frontal' welcomes an old friend to sing a song just as catchy as her 2001 hits "Everywhere" and "All You Wanted."

Singer-songwriter Michelle Branch has been there for us since at least her 2001 hits like “Everywhere,” and “All You Wanted,” and the good news is she’s still there for us 15 years later.

(Side note, do you all still do the thing where you say “15 years ago” and you think you’re talking about 1985? When do you think that will stop happening? Isn’t it crazy that “Everywhere” by Michelle Branch is what was happening 15 years ago, when here you are thinking that 1985 is what was happening 15 years ago? Hahahaha, anyways, end side note!)

Last night on Full Frontal, Branch debuted a new single called “Goodbye Ted Cruz,” and we think you’ll find that it’s just as catchy as her work from 15 years ago (15!!! It’s still crazy for us to be saying that!!)

Check it out: