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January 22, 2009


LeatherShorts writes:

Thanks to all, and keep spreading the word about all of the contests. The more the merrier.

1st- Jimbobalouie
If your balls are cold
Remember the snowman's creed
Gently sit on them

That's a funny/disturbing image to have in your head. (also, it appears Jimbo really does need a vacation from Cannuck Land)

2nd- Borrowed_Time
All the streets are full
Of white people out shopping
Must be in Utah

Great! Thanks for making fun of Utah!

3rd- eyeguyron
Let's play a fun game
Find the Detroit Lions fans
Buckets over head

A new face brings the slam on Motown Football. Nice!

The Anomaly Award goes to Clay for getting the KKK and Jenny Craig into one haiku.
And special thanks to WILLIBOY. I will never look at that Burl Ives snowman the same way again.

Take it away Jimbo

Dave has the flu, which means no alternative cap contest today. I figured the least I could do was offer you a picture that might fill your daily need for perversion. So, let;s see some haikus that will warm up Jimbobalouie in the great white north.