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April 24, 2010


In response to the claims that an Iranian cleric has made about  "scantily clad women" being the cause of all the recent earthquake activity, an innate bitch of my own ilk has decided to make it a scientific experiment by requesting the women of the world ho it up on Monday, thus either causing the dreaded "boobquake" by our unified,busty exposure...or not.
Now, I know y'all think I'll condemn the cleric, but I'm actually hoping that he's RIGHT!!
Could the key to our equality, our "ruby slippers" have been hiding in our girdles the entire time??
It makes sense, in terms of how cave women were somewhat scantily clad and who knows?  Could the mere fact that their saber tooth tiger pelts could not cover both our shoulders and our ankles at the same time have caused the shifting of earths plates so severe that it caused the continental divide?? If not the ice age itself???
If a little T and A is, in fact, a natural arsenal...then who needs nuclear weapons???  Well, men still do I suppose LOL
I mean, I have enough skank on my Facebook friend's list alone to dominate the America's!!  Well, maybe not South America (it's not shiny teeth alone that land Miss Venezuala the MIss Universe crown every year!). But if all it takes is to straddle a pole to change the tide...sounds good to me!
I'd like to thank the cleric for his vote of confidence in female power :)
It's very liberating :)