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November 25, 2008


Ever have one of them moments where, you have two things you need to do, but only the chance to do one of them? I will, on Friday...

This Friday, as much of the world is still recovering from their poultry-induced coma, I get to choose between going to work, or not going to work.

And my psycho-keister has picked work.

It may sound crazy, but there are reasons for my madness:

1: I need $$$ - Do you know how much beer it takes to get me up in front of a bar full of people, singing "Bodies"... I'll tell you... 2 - 2 &1/2 pitchers... And as cheap as they are, I can't pay for them with bits of lint and pennies...

2: Getting out of the homestead - While it's nice to have a place to sleep off the night before, and store all my crap... it gets kinda tiresome. My cat (yes... a single male with a cat... begin the mockery now..) tends to get annoying after 20 straight minutes of constant attention... and I need a break. While it's not the most enjoyable place, the office can be quite peaceful, with just me, my work, and my music.

3: The whole building will be empty - We actually have 4 or 5 businesses that work out of this building, the largest group being the printing company that owns the building, the second being us. They are closed on Friday. My bosses are taking the day off. Our lead tech is taking the day off. Odds are good I will be the only MF'er in the whole building... hence the joke our tech made of "Eh, just go in in your boxers.. who's gonna notice??"... I doubt I will... but it would be nice to go in jeans and a ratty t-shirt for once.

4: Getting projects done, at my own G-D pace - My project list is a bit longer than both my boss' and the lead tech's combined. I have to do all the hard stuff to make things easier on them. It sucks... but to have a whole day to just be in, with (hopefully) quiet phones... I may actually get some stuff done around here... And, in my off times, I can FOD my little brains out in peace, rather than having to try and write a much-too-long blog post in ten separate stints, stopping for every issue that pops up.

5: I'm a cave troll - I really, truly, have no life. Now that Dart League is on hiatus... I have no plans on most nights, so henceforth, i'd really have little to do all day Friday, unless I pop in to work.

So, if you awaken from your Turkey-Nap, and feel so inclined as to say Hello, I'll be on...

See Ya on National Foul-Feast Recovery day!

- Kenny G.