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November 30, 2016

Cardboard boxes are boxes, designed in a way to satisfy the packaging and promotional needs of various manufacturers and retailers those then results in increased sales and earlier growth of businesses.


Cardboard boxes are boxes, designed in a way to satisfy the packaging and promotional needs of various manufacturers and retailers those then results in increased sales and earlier growth of businesses. These boxes are customized to meet the requirement of different manufacturers. Whether your product is a soap, cosmetic, jewelry, crockery, etc., a perfectly- designed packaging and printing box is your basic need today to let your product stand out in the market.

Environment- friendly packaging material

Custom size cardboard boxes are produced out of a 100% biodegradable material, also known as an earth friendly packaging solution. These play a key role in today’s world as almost the entire population of the world has become more attuned of using items that are easily recyclable, renewable and reduces land waste. Hence, the eco- friendly customized cardboard boxes are the best supplies. While contributing to the welfare of a planet with dwindling natural resources, the use of eco- friendly material goes towards the creation of more ecological- aware community.

Rising demand of eco- friendly materials

The continued planet- friendly mindset has made more and more companies realize their responsibilities towards the nature and therefore seem to be demanding cardboard packaging boxes. It has also been observed that major government branches are encouraging the use of 100% recyclable material to produce other products, cardboard boxes being the one. This is why packaging companies are offering more and more options to their customers to grow themselves and add value to whatever they are offering. It is not just about formal products, instead practical packaging supplies for less or semi-formal items (moving, storing) have also become more eco- friendly.

With the passage of time, companies have now begun to cater more environment- conscious customers. When packaged in eco- friendly custom cardboard boxes, supplies become more sustainable. The sustainability of packaging will continue as it is now proved that customer’s support it. Being free from toxic substances, these boxes do not harm the planet. Kraft is also a widely consumed eco- friendly material.

Finishing options such as debossing, die- cutting, embossing, lamination, foil stamping, etc. further improves the presentation of what is packaged inside the box, thereby raising its value. Window pane option is known to be consumed more than any other in the baking industry to represent the efforts and creativity done by the baker or confectioner. Custom window boxes allow the onlookers to view the product without touching and grab eye balls of the passers- by.

Customization options

The increased benefit of packaging is not because of the simple and plain packaging, instead customized. Now what actually a customized packaging is? It could be defined as a simple, yet most effective tool used by companies to grow themselves in the targeted niche by attracting and forcing the major targeted audience. Cardboard packaging boxes can easily be crafted in distinctive shapes, sizes, styles and designs, depending on the product type and the requirement of the customers. Moreover, these cardboard boxes feature durability and portability. A handle attached to these boxes improve its handling and thereby its appearance.

When used as a gift wrapping box, these can be decorated using extra- ordinary decorative accessories. Laces, buttons, bows, ribbons, sticker (both plain and glittery) are consumed widely to make boxes appear exclusive and eye- catchy. Customers are always attracted to fancy packaging when purchasing a product. This justifies that custom sized cardboard boxes can change the buying decision of various customers.

Custom size cardboard boxes vs. standard packaging

Customized cardboard boxes are replacing pre-made packaging boxes due to the reason that the huge competition in the market has created difficulties for the existing brands to maintain their sales trend and survive in the market. For arduous packaging stuffs, cardboard packaging boxes are an ideal packaging solution. Availability of single, double and triple walls make it strengthening. The complete durability offered by these custom cardboard packaging boxes comes with long lasting guarantee.

Various packaging and printing firms now offer exclusive printing of company name, brand logo, tagline, etc. to allure the appearance of the boxes, making them more enchanting. Sharpe edges of the box make them easy to carry and safe. Other than key eco- friendly feature, these boxes are provided at minimal cost, especially when compared to standard packaging boxes. In addition, the safety feature of fragile items is on top when cardboard boxes are a chosen solution.

Marketing via Printed cardboard boxes

The trend of using boxes as the only packaging solution has been a bit updated. Other than gratifying the need of packaging, companies now explore boxes that could be utilized as an effective tool for carrying out a proper marketing campaign. When shopping in the supermarket, you might have observed different marketing campaigns, such as a coffee mug with a coffee jar as a complementary. Other than this is the printing of logo and brand name with unique fonts and styles. Embellishing themes printed on the boxes makes them enchanting and allure the audience at large.

Having your cupcakes packaged in customized cardboard boxes with a window pane makes them extremely adorable and it becomes easier for the audience at large to recognize and appreciate. There could be nothing better than a fully customized cardboard box packaging when it comes to a fragile item such as crockery. Large shipping cardboard boxes also have a logo printed on the face to let the visitors know what is being shipped. With thousands of customization options, customized cardboard boxes are shipped flat with easy to reassemble feature. These boxes are suitable for almost every type of item. Get an ideally designed cardboard packaging box to fulfill your needs.