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January 16, 2009


i remember my first 3d movie. It was "The Creature From the Black Lagoon." It Was in black and white, and you had to get the glasses from Store 24. Thats like a 7 eleven, but New England style. Steve Carell worked there in the 80's, i digress... i was well chuffed to get my glasses, there was going to be a triple 3d feature. the whole family got together with the neighbors and pizza and assorted movie snacks and we all sat with our cheezy cardboard glasses with the red and blue lenses to watch the shows.

it was craptastic.

it wasn't till i went to Epcot center till i was impressed by 3d. this was before Captain Eo, but it was fantastic. so when i heard My Bloody Valentine was gonna be in 3d, i was pretty psyched. I put aside my hatred of people and got together with some friends to subject myself to the 3d theater experience. i was suprised to see there wasn't many people there, and was excited that i might be able to enjoy the movie without wanting to throttle the necks of the people around me.... but then, alas, they all came pouring in. i knew some some poor sombitch was gonna get knuckles in their teeth.

When the movie started, i was really impressed by the 3d effects, the layers were amazing, if you haven't gone yet, i suggest going to an omni or imax for the full effect. i did not, but was still amazed, and could imagine what it would be like on a larger than life screen. about the movie, i will say,  i thought they did a great job. in my opinion it was a quality slasher flick. but those dum kids behind me... ugg.

"She gonna die!" are you sure? this is a horror film, there is a fair chance someone might die...

"Run bitch, Run!" ...now we know what gonna happen here, that is why we came right? picture this, you're working late one night and you are in a Manager's position, so you have to make sure everything is locked up so you have a job the next day, we know it's a movie, but the Manager character is blissfully unaware, but those noises... they should investigate, it is their job, they are responsible. now when you see the man in the gas mask with the pick axe, we all now know to run, but for real, yell all you want, she won't hear you, and she may still die, no matter how much you want to help. 

Do keep in mind, this is in 3d, at least that is what the ticket said, and i think that is what the glasses are for, when you see the barrel of a gun pointed at you there is a chance you are gonna see a really cool slow motion bullet shot, but i promise, it won't hit you. shut your dumb mouth... Sigh... great movie though. go see it.