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October 17, 2008


Well, we finally did it... we won last night... a close match, but a definite victory for "Just Here For the Beer", against our dear friends, the "Buckin' A's", the other Bucks team...

10-9 was the final score, but it was far greater of a night than the final score eludes to. All cylinders were firing exactly as we needed them to, to finally net us that elusive "W" we've been hunting for all season.

Let me introduce you to the team:

Jesse: Our sharp shooter, AKA: our "Excitement". When Jess is on, there's few who can take him on the dart board. Not only is he our strongest shooter, his strength keeps the team enthusiastic all match long.

Janelle: A bit of a mystery as far as her nightly production on the board, she more than compensates for any "off" nights with the energy she brings to the team. She's the loud cheerleader, spurring the team onwards every match.

Sue: The most veteran of all my teammates, Sue has been with the Buck's dart program since day 1. She never misses a night, no matter what happens (except for that one night, but surgery is the best excuse there is)... Even though she's not our strongest, her consistency brings much needed stability and comfort to the team. That imaginary "A" on her imaginary jersey would be sorely missed should she ever need a night off.

Jon: Not only is he Sue's husband, a former cheerleader, and the buyer of far too many shots, Jon helps keep the team focused and grounded. Though he can be the biggest fire cracker on the team when angered, he always keeps an even keel about him through the night. Victory or defeat, he never lets the outcome rattle him, and that calmness helps the rest of us stay focused.

Dave: The backbone of our team, and a source of far more dart prowess than he even realizes. Dave is our inspiration many nights, and a source of confidence to his teammates. When he's in his groove, he can tear damn near any opponent apart, and he's an awesome partner in cricket matches. He always say "If I can do it, anyone can..." and while that's a running joke, it rings true for our team, because, when Dave's on, he gives all of us the confidence to get on as well.

And, of course...

Kenny G.: Me, the captain. My job is to bring the team through with leadership, and tenacity. I see it every week, when I'm pissed off and bringing myself down, I bring us all down. When I stay calm and determined, the team is right there with me, ready to win. I owe them my best every week, so they follow suit, bringing their best as well....

And last night, we won... as a team... (and, for me personally, I smoked my opponent in 301... he had 115 left... :-) )

To quote our nightly cheer...


- Kenny G.