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April 07, 2012


This is the first ever award of the Wee Virgin of the Week, inspired by that Wee Virgin panda who totally bottled getting his first ride with the female panda.

If you look up Wee Virgin in the dictionary you probably have a very low-rent dictionary as its not a real word.  Its a term of endearment really as we could say dickhead, arsehole, fud, however Wee Virgin encapsulates the person perfectly - a bit of a dick, but harmless ultimately.

So the Wee Virgin for this week isnt the panda, as the poor soul has a lot on his plate with the whole world trying to watch him pop his cherry, but I’m going to go forSamantha Brick.

Brick, a journalist for the Daily Mail, which would automatically exclude her from being harmless, has told the world that women fear her and men cant help but feeling aroused when they see her.  It sounds like a living hell for the bird.

If you’re not familiar with her and what she looks like, then ahem:

Women are thinking “aye, she’s no bad but a bit full of herself”, guys are like “ah would” but we almost always are, except perhaps in the case of Boyle or Widdecombe.

But the woman hasn’t harmed anyone or hurt anyone apart from herself by the looks of things, so lets lay off her.  All she has done is akin to those big fat black American birds who know they are big and beuatiful but seem oddly unworried about having to be winched any place high.

So Samantha, accept this Wee Virgin of the Week award and please do get back to what you all do best at the Daily Mail, and write about terrifying ethnic minorities.