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March 07, 2011

I am black, you are white.I am coffee, you are milk. We will always complement each other. -- BlackWhiteCupid.com

Are white Men Who Like Black Women More Attractive?

Source: http://www.BlackwhiteCupid.com

I just got a fantabulous email from a reader Peggy Brunache. "Ok, I got a question for you," she starts. "Do you or your black female friends find a white man 'all of a sudden' attractive once you find out he's married to a black woman?" Here's the backstory … Apparently, Peggy saw a TV interview with British actor Luke Goss. She thought he was just another dude until she found out he's been married to a black woman since 1994. "All of a sudden, " she says,"he became attractive to me. I want to know more about the guy and what makes him tick." Peggy says she's more impressed when white dudes marry their black women.  "Anyone can screw someone from another race or ethnic group. It's definitely another thing to take on society's issues when you publicly state "I married this woman of color for better or for worse!"

Essence magazine did a photo slideshow called "Famous Sisters Find Love In Interracial Relationships" highlighting black female celebrities with white boyfriends or husbands. Go look at it. Moving right along … I totally agree with Peggy, and I'm not sure this is solely about race. I'm attracted to people who understand and have things in common with me. If I find out a black American man speaks another language fluently and/or spent a significant time living abroad, I think that's gorgeous. If I find out a white dude has (or had) a black girlfriend or ex-wife, I suddenly think he's a little bit more attractive. Why? Because I'll assume he's open-minded, liberal and down with the brown. All good things. It's not just about how someone looks, it's about who I perceive that person to be. I know I'm not alone on this because I'd say at least 42.8% of Robin Thicke's appeal among black women is the fact that he's married to a black woman. Gabriel Aubry was gorgeous (to me) anyway, but he sizzled a bit more when he linked up with Halle Berry. "Big" from Sex and the City (Chris Noth)? Same thing. And, yeah, I'm sure Robert DeNiro has dated white women at some point in his life … we've just never seen them. ;) Is it a coincidence that I think all those boys — Thicke, DeNiro and Noth — are hot? Would they catch my eye as much if they had white girlfriends? Honestly … Probably not.