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September 12, 2011

You just found your new t-shirt. And some links.

Summer's over. Sucks, right? All that time you spent feeling terrible about yourself because you never went to the beach or read that book while sitting in the park is long gone. But it's not so bad. Football's here. TV shows are returning. YOU LOVE TV. So you know what? Fuck summer. That cat knows what I'm talking about. Now let's all enjoy some links. 

  • These Republican Candidate Hair Swaps are bizarre. They're also amazing. - HuffPost Comedy
  • Bill Murray as Han Solo. You just found your new shirt. - Pop Chart Lab
  • The 20 WORST lines in movie history. - Buzzfeed
  • Remember when Charlie Sheen was a thing. Well his roast is this weekend. Winning? Whatever. Here are the highlights. - Vulture
  • This Fall TV Preview Drinking Game will get you hammered/up to date. - Warming Glow
  • Here's everything that happens in movies, but not in real life. This nails it. - Unreality
UPDATE: As a bonus, here are 14 Louis CK videos that will help you celebrate his 44th birthday.