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January 29, 2009


It has been a fun foray into the land of limericks. Maybe we'll take a return trip if there's sufficient interest. For now, let's get back to the haikus we all know and love.

Buttermilk writes:

God moved in mysterious ways in some of the limericks but here are my picks. The devil made me do it.

Gold: LEATHERSHORTS for making me laugh at bands I've never heard of and had to google.
"The rock off was scheduled with Seether
With Pearl Jam&Deftones & Weezer.
A change in the venue
He couldn't continue
God just cant stand Nickleback either."

Silver: JIMBOBALOUIE for the image of God
being punched out. (Was the s left off on purpose?)
"God cancelled his lecture tonight
It seems he got into a fight.
The Devil they say
Got in his way
And tried to punch out His light."

Questionable: TURNEMS for proving God is cancelled at one venue but still trying to perform miracles elsewhere.
"God looked on the world with such sorrow
Disappointed & with no hope he could borrow
Then he saw Kurt Warner's return
Superbowl Sunday in his heart He did yearn
Screw the world for now. We can fix it tomorrow."
Co-bronze to GLASSPEARL to make up for the above & for creating a Limerick that reminds me to spend less time on FOD.
"So Jesus was coming to town
But all of us just fooled around.
He gave us our way
In heaven He'll stay.
Our error of epic renown."

Thanks for my judge-ment day.
Congratulations LeatherShorts. You might just have a touch of the Blarney in you. But as witty and clever as you are, I bet you can't do this: