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Published August 29, 2010

The final curtain has dropped and the end is nigh.

Thanks for all the Fun and the Frolic for nearly two years. I had a blast while it lasted.

It's too bad that the "powers that be" aren't being pro-active and sane. Over a month to revamp a site is just plain lame. Liz you try to encourage us, you bait us with promises of future nirvana, when bliss is the remotest of realities.

I believe that there is more to this than meets the eye. I believe Will and his crew have abandoned us all. After all, it was Will's mention of this site on the Tonight Show that drew me to it in the first place.
I think those in charge forget that we are Will fans first and formost. I believe that what we see here is a few hangers on trying to keep a site alive when the $$$$$ behind it has been cut and the moral support withdrawn. FOD has become a lame duck, my friends. It is a sad day in Mudville.

You see, I can't get involved with a "Time-Waster". And, I've been wasting my time here for the past month.

I feel very sad and resentful and, of course, abandoned.

Good-Bye, my FOD friends,

Jimbo has left the building.

PS- When FOD Britain tanked in May 2010 was that a sign of things to come?

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