Cameron Diaz hosted this week’s Thanksgiving episode of Saturday Night Live, and she did a really great job. The whole cast did a really great job, and Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, Mystikal, and whoever was doing the lights during the musical performance also did really great jobs. It was such a good episode that it was hard to choose just a few of the best parts because I liked nearly all the sketches, except if there was one that you didn’t like because then you’re right, me neither, I am on your side. Now here are some of this week’s highlights:

The cold open was a Schoolhouse Rock! song explaining how an executive order works in the government, in this case demonstrated by Jay Pharaoh as President Obama pushing Kenan Thompson as a Republican immigration bill down the Capitol Building’s steps. Bobby Moynihan plays the executive order, who “pretty much just happen[s],“ and the Capitol Building has a lot of steps for Kenan to fall down, repeatedly.

Last year when Jimmy Fallon hosted, all the ladies in the cast joined forces for “(Do It On) My Twin Bed,” the most perfect song about having sex in your childhood bedroom during the holidays. This year with Thanksgiving around the corner, Cameron Diaz joined Your Girls for “Back Home Baller,” a song about getting special treatment during holiday visits to your parents’ house. Leslie Jones’s mom puts out so many bowls, a.k.a. the ultimate special treatment. Best of all, this song has very high levels of Girl Power because there are NO BOYS in it at all, unless you’re counting Dad, who’s really just there to hold your bags and purchase your movie tickets.

The experimental high school theater sketch was very good/uncomfortably real for some of us watching at home who may or may not have participated in high school plays similar to this one. While the students dish it out to corporate America, self-absorbed Starbucks patrons, and the evils of the Internet, audience member Kenan is primarily focused on why these kids keep moving boxes around like that.

German chancellor Angela Merkel made a welcome return to Weekend Update to talk about how aroused she was at the G20 summit, and some other things, too. Kate McKinnon is always so good as Merkel, and Colin Jost learning how to “German kiss” was one of my favorite bits I’ve seen him do at the Update desk so far.

It’s very gross to watch a grown man act like a baby, but Beck Bennett is a grown man capable of a very nuanced performance of babyhood, so I reluctantly love these sketches. For this installment of Baby Boss, we got a look inside of Bennett’s home, and his adult-sized high chair and the raspberries bestowed upon him by wife Cameron Diaz were both just enough to make the sketch feel different from the previous couple that took place in the office.

This week there were two very short digital pieces, one with Vanessa Bayer and a bunch of bird bones and one with Kyle Mooney and car explosions. Both were great, but I especially liked Mooney’s fight video mostly because of the ratio of fighting (almost none) to how many times a car exploded (>1,000), plus some of the unrelated bullet points he adds to his presentation.