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July 24, 2010


Hope everybody is doing fine on a Saturday night. As Major League Baseball grinds along, being an Angel fan isn’t fun right now so I am starting to look forward to the start of football season. Last year was a good year for NFL teams in Louisiana and it should be another decent year for the Saints again. Once again, the big question facing NFL fans and more specifically Viking fans is whether or not Favre will return again. For me, the question is what time in August will he decide to show up; I’m thinking right before the first exhibition game.

I prefer college ball though. Since I am truly a Raider fan in pro ball there hasn’t been much to root for lately so I spend more time enjoying college football. Living here in Cajun country you would think I was a LSU Tiger fan. Nope, can’t stand them and where I live the local college football team isn’t fun to watch. As a matter of fact, I hate to say it but some of the lower tier teams on EA Sports' College Football video game could beat our local team. All I can say is Geaux Vols!  

Anyway, it’s time to talk about more important things. I didn’t have a page or chance to post NPIsc contests for a few months and now that I am back I have noticed some new and funny faces. Here are the results of the last contest as well as a shiny new picture to look at.


Receiving Votes:

Ichronic  You're perfect, we'll just need you to grow younger and change your body.

deezer  Extra points for turning your doily tablecloth into a tank top.

LucyLieu Sometimes heart, inspiration, & the theme from Flashdance just isn't gonna cut it!

keibar No, 225, this is the cheerleaders tryout. You want mascots across the hall.

chuckkling Scattered, mothered and uncovered.

WIN: No guts, no glory. Wanda showed them.


Tonight... the reason why most video gamers are not athletes