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Published November 02, 2009

Hello friends,
Here are the results from the past two contests. I really appreciate your participation on the last one when FoD didn't post a new pic. There were so many good captions to choose from it was fun trying to pick a winner. Anyway, it looks like the evil empire is going to win another Championship. You know what they say, the World Series is the best title the Yankees can BUY!
I will post another picture soon, especially if FoD continues to mail it in like with the jewel they had this morning. My brain still hurts from trying to think of something funny for that picture, that was brutal huh?
I will also try and post better pictures myself too. 

That's all for now kay? BTW, as the cajuns say down here, "yous betta sitcha sef dawn an watch dat Saints game tonight cher. Who dey say gonna beat dos Saints? Dem Falcons gonna lose yeah!"

Subject verb agreement and general grammar don't exist in some parishes (counties) here in Louisiana.
But I digress-Jams3kds

RESULTS: Tube Fighting League Championship

Received Votes (but not from the BCS cause the BCS sucks)

The camo helps you how?... Dr Who
Last couple standing wins the Mirror Ball trophy...Buttermilk
Tea Partiers practice crowd control...JoeLeeThree
What's ironic is, someone actually put an eye out with one of those things...MadAdam

I could win that fight with one bic lighter...Trident

(I bet there's at least one 'real' William Wallace in this picture)

Ah, The famous Homeless Battle of '96...jmay1327

(Did a bunch people buy gift wrap and large appliances that year?

300..paper cuts....orionebaker

(at least 300 hundred right?)


RESULTS: Sumo Wrestlin' with Miley

Received Votes: (But not from Pete Carrol because he is pissed right now)

This is the most entertaining thing I've ever seen Miley Cyrus do...Padroniac
Huge Grant beefed up for his role opposite Miley Cyrus in the upcoming movie "When Harry Ate Sally"....coming next summer...Gerardguffaw
Death by Chocolate...MacAdam
His are bigger than mine!...drWho

Wow...When is the tape being released? Take that, Kim Kardashian...urbanlegend

(If you lift his left tit you will find a smaller black man wearing a #25 Saints jersey...reggie, reggie, reggie!)


(what does he use to shave with and how?!?...I guess that's another caption)

Ha. Ha. Ha. I thought you were Hilary Duff...buttermilk

(In this corner weighing in at 635 pounds...Lizzy Mcguire)


Till next time amigos!