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February 01, 2009


Hello Blog Readers! 

I'd been thinking of a way to introduce myself when I came across a e-mail folder I keep that I've labeled, "This Life Is Strange".   In it I store away emails I've sent or received that make me sad/uncomfortable. 

I found some real doosies and thought I'd share them with you!  Learn from them what you will.  This is an e-mail I sent, tomorrow I'll post an e-mail I received.  ENJOY!!!!

  I sent this on behalf of me and my writing partner Casey Wilson to a friend who will remain nameless.  We were working on a sketch show and he was interested in working with us.  Below is the e-mail I sent to explain why we couldn't work with him.   Keep in mind:   He was not going to be paid for this job, no one was making money off the show, in all it was  a fairly low rent operation.   You may ask yourself while reading this, "Why didn't you just say he wasn't right for the job?"  I have no answer to that question.  Instead, I decided to tell him the ugly truth which was the following....

-- On Fri, 1/28/05, June Raphael <> wrote:
From: June Raphael <
Subject: awkward conversation
Cc: "Casey Wilson"
Date: Friday, January 28, 2005, 12:41 AM

hi ******** 
so casey and i were thinking a lot about the conversation we had today, and just wanted to re-iterate the reasons why we ended up not working together.
i'm worried you might have thought we were kidding when we said the reason was that we both had crushes on you, but it is simply the truth. 
and this is going to sound  awkward and lame but working together would have been bad news bears because
a.  we would feel inhibited and guarded in rehearsals.
b.  we know ourselves and our own friendship well enough to know that we would be competing for your attention/affection.
i am sure i have made you feel even more uncomfortable than you were feeling before, but felt it was necessary to explain, b/c the LAST thing we would want you to feel is that we didn't like the notes you gave us or the manner in which you gave them.  we loved what you had to say about the show and the reason was entirely personal and extremely unprofessional. 
the decision, as i said in reason b, was largely based on not putting the pressure of vying for your attention on our friendship. 
and we are extremely sorry that this wasn't addressed, and hope you can understand that it was a weird thing to communicate.  which is not to say we shouldn't have talked about our decision with you, we should have.  and we really apologize for that. 
all the best,
june and casey

Things I've Learned About Myself After Re-Reading This:

-I've discriminated against people based on their physical appearance.  I've told those people they are being discriminated against based on their physical appearances.

-I put things in writing after talking them through, and send way too many follow up e-mails.  We may have been able to forget this thing ever happened had I let it die at the Starbucks on 7th Avenue.  So what if he thought we were kidding?  Why was I intent on making him face the fact that he was too good looking for the job? 

-I can title an e-mail.  Awkward conversation indeed.

What have you learned?