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May 21, 2015

Man Men Integrated is a new Tumblr that takes GIFs of 'Mad Men' and brings them into the digital age.

Mad Men is a nearly perfect TV show. We say nearly perfect, because for all its great moments, it doesn’t contain a single Vine video. Having recently rewatched the entire series, we found not even one mention of Twitter. And if you think Don Draper has a Facebook page? Yeah, think again, idiot.

Thankfully, the Tumblr Mad Men Integrated came along to bring great moments from the show that are stuck in the boring ol’ ’60s and place them directly into our much better social-media focused, millennial-admiring, digital age. And while we admit this wouldn’t necessarily make for a better TV show, it wouldn’t necessarily NOT make for a better show, #youknowwhatimsaying?

via Mad Men Integrated